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Kid Activities in Palm Beach County FL

Things to Do With Kids in Palm Beach County, FL

If you call Palm Beach County, Florida home, you likely know it’s a wonderful place for families to enjoy and make memories together. For those who are visiting or considering a permanent move to Palm Beach County, you may be unaware of the incredible range of activities designed specifically for families and kids to enjoy. 

Local fresh food in the Westlake and Loxahatchee - COVID-19

Local Fresh Food in the Westlake and Loxahatchee Area

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected nearly every aspect of our daily lives.  One big area of change has been in the kitchen.  More and more people are preparing their own meals and eating home.  Many are trying new ingredients, new recipes and making healthier choices.  Cooking and baking have become more popular than ever with

Perks of Living in West Palm Beach FL

Perks of Living in West Palm Beach, FL

For the residents of West Palm Beach County, Florida, it is no secret the region is full of perks. Residents enjoy beautiful year round sunshine as well as activities galore. Plus, West Palm Beach is among the up and coming metropolitan areas in the country. Whether you are looking to move to the area or

Family Holiday Events in Palm Beach County

Best Family-Friendly Holiday Events in the Palm Beach County Area

For those living in and around Palm Beach County, there are lots of family friendly events and happenings to attend. Whether you want to attend your favorite holiday event and make new memories or find a new adventure and start a new holiday tradition with your family to enjoy year after year, the boat parades,

Master Plan City West Palm Beach

What’s a Master Plan City?

Do you know what a  Master Plan City is  and what it’s characteristics are? To begin, let’s define a Master Plan City, also known as a Town Plan or Development Plan. Essentially a Master Plan is the general plan for a city’s future layout. The plan displays current streets as well as proposed streets, open