Green Thumb? These Are the Plants/Vegetables You Should Consider for Your New Container or Raised-Bed Garden

Container and Raised Bed Gardening - Sky Cove of Westlake

There are so many benefits to container and raised-bed gardening – and at Sky Cove of Westlake, we are excited for our residents to give their green thumbs a whirl! Any of the plants placed in your backyard garden will liven up the space and add the touch of greenery and beauty you’re seeking. Gardening has also been proven to be therapeutic, as it’s a calming activity that can be done solo or as a learning activity with the entire family.

As you move into your beautiful new home in Sky Cove of Westlake with your family, you can introduce gardening as an exciting part of this new adventure. 

Not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up a few key gardening tips to help you get started along with plants to add that will last through a large part of the year. 

*Before you begin, review your HOA documents as there are a few requirements and restrictions to be aware of before you select your plants and your raised-bed location.

Container Gardening Tips & Benefits 

Container Gardening Tips & Benefits in South Florida

Have you ever thought to try out container gardening? Instead of directly planting in the soil, you also have the option to select beautiful planters and scatter herbs, vegetables, and flowers all outside your home.

Check out the following tips to try your hand at container gardening. 

  • Focus on the different container sizes. Different plants will require either bigger or smaller pots in order to thrive. 
  • Pick out containers that have holes and can drain easily. Without them, your plants will be susceptible to waterlogging and fungi. 
  • Choose container materials that will work in your environment. Cast concrete or clay pots work well and won’t crack so easily in the South Florida weather. 
  • Place the containers in the areas you want your plants to reside. If a plant is placed in the pot first, it will be heavy and much more difficult to move.

There are also quite a few benefits to container gardening, such as: 

  • Container gardens are great for beginners, and you don’t have to work directly with ground soil. 
  • If a container plant is contracting a disease, it won’t spread to the other plants.  
  • Gardening will be easier on your back because the planters are elevated.
  • Containers are portable and allow you to change the look of your outdoor space on a whim. 
  • Wildlife and pets won’t have easy access to the plants in a container garden like they would if everything is planted in your yard. 

Raised-Bed Gardening Benefits & FAQs

Raised-Bed Gardening Benefits in Palm Beach FL

Raised garden beds, also called garden beds, are perfect for growing small plots of vegetables and flowers. Here are a few benefits of raised-bed gardening: 

  • Keeps your garden in place, protecting the soil from washing away 
  • Prevents soil compaction 
  • Supplies good drainage
  • Keeps pests away 

Need help building a raised garden bed? Here are a few common questions many beginners ask:


  • What kind of wood should I buy?


You should consider buying wood that will not rot easily. Cedar is one of the best options and there are different types of cedar wood – Western red cedar, Vermont white cedar, yellow cedar, and more!


  • How tall should the garden bed be?


The height all depends on you, but it should not surpass 36 inches. Most gardeners build 11-inch garden beds, but again it all depends on the location and how you choose to set up your garden. 


  • How wide and long should my garden bed be?


It’s recommended to keep the width no longer than four feet, so you and your family won’t have a difficult time reaching over. As for the length, it all depends on the location in your backyard. 

Pick the Perfect Location 

You’re officially on the move to plant the perfect container or raised-bed garden for you and your family. But where? Before beginning, it’s important to dedicate a specific spot together, so you can grow delicious veggies and take in the beauty of blooming flowers without them being in a high-traffic area and getting trampled. 

When doing so, follow these three steps to ensure you’ve chosen the premier spot for your beautiful little garden: 


1. Plant where there is enough sunshine. 


If you’re planting any sort of vegetables in a container or raised-bed garden, the majority of them will need at least six hours of sunshine per day. There may be a few that will thrive in shady areas too, so be sure to keep this in mind. 

2. Keep well-maintained soil. 



Plants need the right nutrients to survive, and this begins with a good foundation of the perfect soil. First, buy or build a composite unit from plastic containers, wood pallets, concrete, etc. Once you have your setup ready, buy the soil of your choice and consider adding fertilizer to each layer. 


3. Select a stable environment. 


Stability for growth is key. Avoid spots that could be subjected to strong winds, flooding, or large objects that could knock your plants over.

Sunshine-Filled Sunflowers 

Sunflowers Container Gardening

Once you’ve picked the perfect spot and container, start planting! Sunflowers are a great – and beautiful – addition to any garden. Their bright yellow petals invite sunshine to the home while they grow and radiate in your space. They’re also known to bloom all throughout the summer and into late fall. 

Best of all, they detox the soil for new plants to grow and provide seeds that can not only be used for planting next year, but they’re also edible!

Leafy Lettuce 

Lettuce Container Gardening

Do you need to add a few leafy greens to your diet? Teach your children about the farm to table methodology where they learn where their food is truly being sourced. 

Lettuce is a healthy veggie that can grow throughout the majority of the year, and it can provide an eye appealing splash of greenery to your home. It’s also one of the few plants that can tolerate full sun and some shady areas. Lettuce can easily be added to your garden and stay for the long haul. 

Red Ripe Tomatoes

Tomatoes Container Gardening in Palm Beach County

Tomatoes go with almost everything! Plus, it’s a fun process to watch juicy, red tomatoes grow and bloom into a delicious snack or meal ingredient. The best part is there are so many varieties to choose from when deciding what to add to your container or raised-bed garden. From the first time a tomato appears on your plant, it can take about 20-30 days to ripen and be ready to add to your salad, burger, taco, or spaghetti sauce. 

Crunchy Carrots

Carrots Container and Raised-Bed Gardening

Add a few carrots to your garden and your dinner table! This tasty, crunchy orange vegetable is not only delicious, but it’s also fun to grow. Carrots actually grow underground and will only show their tops above the soil. 

This is a perfect learning opportunity for the family since this is a bit of a unique way to grow and watch a plant thrive in your garden. 

Crisp White Cauliflower

Cauliflower Container and Raised Bed Gardening - Palm Beach County FL

Cauliflower anyone? This is a unique veggie plant that can truly thrive in your container or raised-bed garden!  

The best way to know when the veggie is perfect to eat is when it hits between 6-8 inches. Then it’s perfect for harvesting! 

Nutrient-Rich Kale

Kale Container and Raised Bed Gardening in Palm Beach County

Given that kale is considered to be a part of the cabbage family, you can get your daily dose of greens in a fresh new way! This plant does well in humid temperatures and can be harvested only two months after being planted. 

Plus, there are so many great varieties to choose from, like:  

  • Hanover Salad 
  • Lacinato 
  • Redbor 
  • Red Russian 
  • Vates

Butterfly Bush Beauties

Enjoy a sweet bonus when this beautiful flower blossoms in your backyard garden. Butterfly bush plants actually attract and invite butterflies into your yard. So, not only will you get beautiful flowers blooming, but you’ll also have nature’s prettiest insects joining you! 

This brilliantly colored plant begins blooming in mid-summer and will continue to bloom throughout the fall. Best of all, it’s resilient and will grow back every year!

Final Thoughts for Your Container or Raised-Bed Backyard Garden

At Sky Cove of Westlake, we welcome our residents to embark upon the exciting adventure of gardening, trying their hand at container or raised-bed gardening with their family! Take the time to select plants and vegetables that your whole family can enjoy, as a garden is a unique experience that can be tailored to your every need. 

All you need is a few beautiful containers or wood, some lush plants, and the dedication to care for your little backyard paradise! 

Plan your visit today and find the home of your dreams in Palm Beach County. For more information or to schedule a virtual tour, contact Sky Cove of Westlake today!

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