Schools Near Westlake, Florida

If you plan on residing in our beautiful, lushly landscaped Sky Cove South of Westlake neighborhood, your children will have the opportunity to attend highly-rated public schools in the Westlake area. And, not only will your child enjoy many educational opportunities, they will get to grow up surrounded by a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities, arts, sports, and other enrichment activities.

Many of Westlake, Florida’s educators are knowledgeable, experienced, and prepared to teach students from different educational backgrounds, with different learning styles, and with diverse needs.

As the City of Westlake, Florida continues to grow, we expect the educational and enrichment opportunities for its young residents to expand as well.

Public Schools

College & Universities

Living in Westlake, there is ample access to higher education. There are a variety of colleges and universities located near Sky Cove of Westlake. Some of the top colleges in the state are only a car ride away, and there are plenty of options for those seeking specific educational goals and opportunities. Many of these colleges are smaller or extension campuses of bigger campuses.