10 Ways to Organize Your Garage (Storage & DIY Ideas)

10 Ways to Organize Your Garage - South Florida Homes

With the start of the New Year, common resolutions include improving one’s health or organizing the house. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to organize your Sky Cove home, the garage is a great place to begin.

Whether you already live in Sky Cove of Westlake or your home is under-construction, this guide shares 10 easy ways to organize – or plan your garage for the New Year – making efficient use of storage space. 

  1. Make Time. Schedules are often busy during the holidays but as the New Year begins make sure you set time aside to organize your garage. If the entire family is going to be involved, have everyone agree on a day to complete the task.
  2. Prepare in Advance. A little pre-planning before you begin organizing your garage will help ensure you have the items needed for storage and organization. You will need trash bags, cleaning supplies and tools, boxes, plastic containers, bins, shelving, etc. You might also want to invest in storage systems specifically designed for tools, bicycles and sporting goods.
  3. Pull Everything Out. On organization day, begin by pulling everything, yes everything, outside the garage. Next set up zones with the items from Step 2 – trash with trash bags, donations with cardboard boxes, recyclables with bags or boxes, and the keepers with the plastic containers, bins or storage systems. If your garage has not been cleaned or organized for a while, you may even consider renting a small dumpster for bulky items – or schedule your Garage Cleaning Day close to Bulk Pick-Up Day.
  4. Clean. Once everything has been removed from the space, clean the garage. Sweep the floor, mop, and tackle spills and stains.
  5. Let the Sorting Begin. Once you have cleared away the trash, donations, and recyclables, begin sorting similar items together. Group together toys, lawn care equipment, tools, camping gear, sporting goods, beach gear, and any other items you typically store in your garage. Once sorted, you’ll be able to visualize how much space to allot each grouping and move on to the organizational details.
  6. Think Vertical.  Many items can be stored vertically yet within easy reach. Be sure tools and any dangerous, hazardous or potentially poisonous items are kept secure and out of reach of children. Pegboards are a great option for hanging tools out of the way yet within adult reach – plus wire baskets can be added for storage. Slat wall panels allow you to hang hooks, baskets, and tool holders vertically as well. Vertical storage bins are also great for organization – simply attach wire shelves to the wall and store labeled bins. Time saving tip: Put the most used (safe) items within reach for easy access.
  7. Storage Cabinets. If your garage has the space for storage cabinets, use them wisely. Use baskets and dividers to create the needed storage space for your items. And just like with vertical storage bins, store the frequently used items in the middle and least used (like season decorations) as well as not-child-friendly, secured items near the top.
  8. Organize Your Space. Now comes the time to organize the items you sorted in Step 5 into zones. Create garage zones for tools, sporting equipment, toys and more so everyone has a drop off space for their gear and can easily find what they need next time. You might consider adding cubbies, baskets, and hangers for each family member.
  9. Do not forget the Lawn Equipment. While you are organizing your garage, it is important to find space for recycling bins, trash cans and lawn equipment. Consider a pegboard storage solution for rakes, shovels, shears, clippers, and other garden items. If there’s room, you may even want to add a gardening station with a workbench for potting plants.
  10. Storing Seasonal Items – While here in Palm Beach County, outdoor furnishings and toys are used all year-round, but you may still need a space for seasonal items – like holiday decorations. Given these items are only accessed once a year, they can be placed up high and out of the way.
  11. BONUS! If space is at a premium in your garage, consider adding a bike rack on the wall to create more floor space, while keeping everyone’s bike within easy reach for family outings to Westlake Adventure Park.

How to Organize Your Sky Cove Garage

How to Organize Your Garage

Garages are an important part of home design because of the role they play in housing everything from tools to toys – and of course, cars. In beautiful Sky Cove, homeowners can choose from a variety of spacious floor plans with three to five bedrooms, two to three- and one-half baths, and one or two-car garages.

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