Top 10 Family-Friendly Earth Day Activities in 2021

Family-Friendly Earth Day Celebrations - West Palm Beach

Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated annually on April 22nd to raise awareness for environmental concerns. In 1990, the event went global with the first International Earth Day Celebration and the tradition has continued in countries around the world.

For many families, it offers an opportunity to connect and learn more about the environment with their children in positive ways and guide them to save the planet for future generations. Earth Day also provides everyone with a day to celebrate the beauty of nature.

Here are some family-friendly Earth Day activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy this year:

Top 10 Earth Day Activities

Family Earth day Celebration in South Florida

  1. Plant a Tree in Your Yard – Whether you plant a tree in your yard or join in a community tree-planting project, there is no better way to celebrate Earth Day. Trees are beneficial to all the Earth’s inhabitants. Trees improve the overall air quality, absorbing carbon dioxide and reducing greenhouse gasses. They provide shelter for birds and many other animals, help reduce soil erosion, and can even reduce energy consumption.
  2. Plant a Garden – Whether your outdoor space is a simple deck or an expansive backyard, you can plant a garden to reduce your environmental footprint. Plus, planting a garden is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. Use containers or build raised beds for your gardening and grow your choice of vegetables, fruits, herbs, or flowers. Everyone can join in choosing containers of all sizes and colors, building the raised beds, filling them with soil, and selecting a variety of plants to grow.
  3. Clean Up Your Community – Even if your neighborhood is beautifully maintained, there is plenty you can do to clean up your community as one of your Earth Day activities. Choose a local park, a nature trail, or even a roadside to clean up. Wear gloves and make it a fun competition; the person who collects the most recyclables and garbage is the winner. Not only will you make your community a better place, but it also teaches kids not to litter.
  4. Get Outside and Enjoy Nature – Going outside and enjoying nature is one Earth Day activity you can do on any other day as well! Take a walk on your favorite nature trail, along the beach, or beside a nearby lake or river. Look for wildlife and try to identify native plants. Bring your camera or phone and let kids take photos for a nature album or collage.
  5. Build a Birdhouse or Bird Feeder – Build a birdhouse or bird feeder to attract wild, native birds in the yard. You can buy a kit from the store or design and build your own unique creation using upcycled materials. Better yet, how about a classic pinecone and peanut butter bird feeder?
  6. Have a Birdwatching Adventure – Take a walk through the neighborhood or hike your favorite nature trail and see how many birds you can find. Get a local bird guide or take pictures of each kind for later identification. The kids may even enjoy creating a scrapbook to remember all the birds they discovered.
  7. Save the Local Landfill with a Yard Sale or Community Swap – If you have clothes, books, toys, and other items you don’t use anymore, gather the neighbors for a community swap or neighborhood yard sale. It’s the perfect way for gently used items to find a new home and avoid the landfill.
  8. Attend an Earth Day Celebration – Many cities have Earth Day celebrations planned with families in mind. Look for opportunities like tree planting, eco-festivals, nature walks or hikes, and community clean-up projects.
  9. Ditch the Car – Another one of Earth Day activities is leaving the car at home and using public transportation, a bike, a scooter, a skateboard, or just walking to where you need to go. Who knows it may become a habit!
  10. Make Crafts from Recycled Materials – Gather the family and make crafts from recyclables or items from nature. Try tin can drums or windchimes. Make a necklace from leaves or paint decorative sticks, shells, or stones. Create a nature box diorama. The possibilities are endless!

 Happy Earth Day from Sky Cove of Westlake

Earth Day celebration tree planting

Earth Day activities are a great way for families to slow down, appreciate, and enjoy our beautiful planet earth. At Sky Cove and Sky Cove South – of Westlake, there are lots of green spaces for residents to enjoy.

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