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Healthy Activities and Foods for Your Family This Thanksgiving

Family Activities - Hiking in Palm Beach, FL

Seeking healthy activities as well as healthy foods for your family to enjoy this Thanksgiving? The Westlake, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding South Florida areas are filled with healthy and delicious food choices and activities for your family this Thanksgiving.

Let’s find out more!

Healthy and Delicious Foods for Your Family

Perhaps your family enjoyed the benefits of container or raised-bed gardening in your Sky Cove home’s backyard this year. If so, you are likely still gathering the most delicious foods from your garden. 

From leafy greens to red, ripe tomatoes, carrots to crispy cauliflower, nutrient packed kale to flavorful herbs, bright peppers to succulent squash, the South Florida climate means a longer growing season with many still harvesting through Thanksgiving.

If you did not have a garden this year, local farmer’s markets offer up fun activities as well as healthy foods for your family to enjoy. As you and the family head out to the markets, fill your shopping list with healthy choices! You’ll find lots of markets to choose from in the area like these:

  • Swank Farm – In Loxahatchee Groves, Swank Farm Saturday Farmer’s Market offers up greens, vegetables, and more including favorite local products like Circle Bar C Dairy, Bread by Johnny, Bonafide Farms, Joy of Garlic, Independent Seafood, Olive Oil of the World, Laurie’s Granola, and Gratitude Garden.
  • Royal Palm Beach Green Market and BazaarYou’ll find fresh produce, baked goods, seasonal plants, honey, and more.
  • Caribbean Plants and Produce – Houseplants and tropical fruit trees are here alongside yummy exotic produce like jackfruit, sugar apples, longan, and Annona.

For more information on local fresh food in the Westlake and Loxahatchee area, visit our blog.

After selecting fresh vegetables, fruits, and other foods, try the list of healthy recipes our team at Sky Cove created for your family to try this Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Soup

Healthy Thanksgiving Meals - Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is a popular Thanksgiving dish that can be served cold or hot. Here is one of the many ways to create this creamy, savory soup for your family and friends:

Sauté onions three to four minutes, adding pumpkin pie spice and cayenne pepper and cooking two minutes more. Add peeled and chunked pumpkin meat (or a natural pumpkin puree option), simmer for 8 to 10 minutes. Puree with an immersion blender, then stir in coconut milk. Serve in your favorite bowls or cups and top with salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds).

Roasted Vegetables

Healthy Thanksgiving Meals - Roasted Vegetables

You can never go wrong with roasted vegetables; this is a must at any Thanksgiving dinner table. Fresh vegetables from local farmer markets around the Westlake area will add a special touch to this easy and delicious dish.

Preheat the oven to 375°F. Prepare a baking sheet with cooking spray or use parchment paper. Wash, cut up and combine all your veggies in a mixing bowl until your veggies are coated with seasonings and oil. Place on a prepared baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes, turning vegetables as needed until tender and brown. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and serve.

Cranberry Yogurt

Healthy Leftover Thanksgiving Snacks - Cranberry Yogurt

Looking for a healthy and easy Thanksgiving leftover snack? The morning after Thanksgiving you and your family will most likely still feel stuffed and will want to eat something light, so consider mixing Greek yogurt (or another yogurt of your choice) with leftover cranberry sauce. Greek yogurt is high in protein and the probiotics in the yogurt can help your stomach recover from all the food consumed the day before.

Healthy Activities to Enjoy with the Family

There are lots of fun activities to enjoy with the family this Thanksgiving as well! Here are some great ideas for everyone can enjoy:

Plan and Prepare the Thanksgiving Meal Together

Preparing Thanksgiving Family Dinner - Palm Beach Holiday Activities

What could be better than including the whole family in the planning and preparation of a healthy Thanksgiving Day feast using your fresh finds from the backyard garden or the local farmers markets. Once you’ve created your meal plan, assign everyone age appropriate tasks and work alongside one another preparing the meal! Enjoy your meal together. When it is complete be sure to include everyone in the after-dinner clean-up as well.

Take a Walk

Thanksgiving Activities - Family Walks

After Thanksgiving dinner, plan to take a walk together. Don’t forget to include your furry friend in the fun! Walking is a family-friendly activity everyone can enjoy, from the youngest to the oldest family member. Take the time to talk about what you are thankful for as you enjoy the time together.

You can even stop to enjoy what the local parks and green areas have to offer and play games like tag, frisbee, tag football, and others. It could even be a fun way for the older family members to introduce games they played when they were younger!

Go on a Hike

Hiking is a great activity to enjoy with the family, exploring the scenery and enjoying one another’s company. There are lots of local scenic trails to enjoy in the region, including:

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From local farmers markets to hiking trails to parks and playgrounds, Thanksgiving is the ideal time to enjoy healthy activities and delectable food with the family at home in Palm Beach County. 

Sky Cove of Westlake wishes you, your family and friends a safe and healthy Thanksgiving this year! 

Plan your visit today and find the home of your dreams in Palm Beach County. For more information or to schedule a virtual tour, contact Sky Cove of Westlake today!

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